5 Things to Consider When Buying a Cricket Bat

One thing is understood when buying a cricket bat that cosmetic presence has little association with bat routine. Historically, it was assumed that thin grain bats were the most excellent performing, but with a propensity to break through being more brittle.  Whereby the reality is that broader grained bats can achieve just as well, and although slightly firmer, to begin with, subject to the right groundwork, they are more durable pieces holistically.  

Another essential factor when assessing willow is the amount of ‘white’ wood versus ‘red’ wood. The unrecorded rule is that ‘white’ wood signifies the more receptive part of the cleft with improved performance, whereas ‘red’ wood is slightly less receptive but benefits from improved sturdiness. 
In reality, a combination of both ‘white’ and ‘red’ wood is seen to be useful to buy a cricket bat.   

The most important factor when buying a bat is to guarantee that it feels correct for you. For you to maximize your performance, it is crucial to contemplate what you want from the sport good and how it fits into your gameplay.

We have compiled down below the 5 top things to consider when buying a new cricket bat:

The number of Bat Grains:

Many professional-quality cricket bats offer a natural, uncovered, traditional finish. But please be careful when buying cricket bats since some cricket bats produced from poor quality willow may be bleached to exaggeratedly imitate the color of the first-class willow. Continually be sure of the kind of bat and the requirement you are purchasing.

Please note that this should only be as a general guideline as there are always exclusions, but, usually, a cricket bat with amongst 6 and 12 grains tends to be produced from high-quality willow. Cricket bats with only six grains, for instance, are likely to be laxer, which will increase both the knocking-in time and the period it takes for the bat to reach the best routine.


English willow cricket bat differs in usual. Grade 1+ or Grade A is the uppermost quality of English willow, commonly used by international stars but progressively accessible through limited edition bats for general public consumption. Knots, imperfections, and patterns should be nominal, while the grains will be traditional, even and of a fit number for a bat.

You then slope in quality to Grade 1, which is still of the uppermost quality, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4. Every step down from there will have more discoloration and patterns, and the grains will be uneven, unsteady, and abundant. G4 cricket bats are likely to be lightened, non-oil, and secure with an anti-scuff sheet as usual.

A general rough indicator when buying a cricket bat could be:

G1+: Test match standard

G1: Expert standard

G2: Highest club standard

G3: Subordinate league standard

G4: Apprentice standard

But irrespective of your current stage, you may want the best average of a cricket bat on the market to help you get decent value for your sports activities!

Toe Guard:

The toe is the frailest part of the bat, so it’s best to defend it as much as probable by applying a toe protector. If the bat is hit with a “Yorker” – a transfer that attacks the very lowest of the batsman’s edge – then it is likely to cause injury, but a toe protector could help to lessen the peril of the wood splitting. Toe protectors also help to diminish the shock of a batsman tapping his bat on the ground and diminishes the amount of moisture that will leak through the toe of the bat in humid conditions. Hence, it is significant to keep this aspect in mind when purchasing a bat.

Short or long handle:

Most experienced batsmen will choose to buy a cricket bat a short handle to permit better handle their blade, but if you are more significant than 6 feet, 2 inches, then an extended handle bat is a decent option. Although, again, it comes down to separate selection. Dimensions of junior cricket bats range from size 1 to size 6 with an intermediary size in the middle.

Size and Shape:

This primarily comes down to individual preferences when buying a cricket bat. In recent years, bat producers have retorted to the necessities of the modern game by manufacturing a range of bats that have a dense edge and big bow, which produce thoroughgoing power without negotiating on a light pick-up. Don’t just take into interpretation your physical endurance but also your strength as a sportsman.

To conclude, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you will easily be able to acquire and buy a cricket bat in no time.

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