How Often Should You Be Using Your Robotic Pool Cleaner?

A robotic device can efficiently remove dirt from water while saving you money, time and effort. It requires little to no maintenance. Moreover, it can navigate corners and climb walls to scrub and remove algae and bacteria. How often it should be used depends on a number of factors. In order to get the solution, you need to consider these things;

How much do you take dips in water?

If you are the only person who jumps into the water, you can use the gadget once or twice a week. On the other hand, if you have friends or family members who also regularly use the water, you should use the robot daily to remove dirt. Unsurprisingly, every person who jumps into the water adds dirt, dust and oils into it. They may even bring grass or leaves into the water. Debris such as leaves can start to decompose after they are left in the water for too long and this could mess with the PH level.

Do you have a cover?

If it's during winter and you have been covering the water all this time, you can purify it once every month. However, if it's summer and you have used it a few hours every day then covering it the rest of the time, you should run the robotic device two times a week.

What is the surrounding environment?

If you have placed pavers or wooden decks nearby, chances of tracking dirt into the water are less. However, if there is a garden near the water, there is a high risk someone can bring the dirt into the water, hence the need to purify it more often.

If you want to minimise the number of times a swimming pool cleaner takes to remove dirt, you need to;

Install a water cover

Covers prevent debris from getting into the water and also increase the temperature of the water during winter.

Keep the surrounding area tidy

Ensure that the soil is covered in grass and cut back any trees or bushes that may pollute the water. You can also pave the whole surrounding.

Install a shower

People can take showers and rinse off their sweat, dirt or soil before getting into the water. If you need help getting debris out, you can make a game for teens or children to see who can remove debris the fastest.

The frequency of using the robot depends on whether you often use a cover, whether you frequently jump in the water and the surrounding area around the water. To reduce the number of times you need to use the device, just invest in a cover, install a shower and put pavements around the water.

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